Brussels Dining: Head for Argentina and local farms


This month in our Brussels Dining pages we offer two very different culinary experiences.

Nueva Buenos Aires
Close to the famous Chatelain Quarter, this restaurant is a real invitation to travel. As the evening glides past, our taste buds travel through the Pampa to the bottom of Patagonia. It all begins with the warm welcome of the hostess Bouchra and Carlos who is very useful when it comes to explaing the the gourmet choices on the menu.

After our typical South American cocktails such as pisco-sour (pisco, egg white, lemon juice and a dash of angostura), we taste the appetizers: ‘provoletta parillada’, a grilled provolone type cheese that reminds you of the strong Italian presence in Argentina, then we taste the Empanadas… to die for! As well as an incredibly delectable ceviche, there was cod marinated in lemon juice with ginger, red onion, celery, Espelette pepper, mango and fresh coriander.
The dishes that followed were irreproachable in the tasty meat epartment. Of course, a very good Argentinian wine accompanied everything.

Suddenly, it was already getting late, and we had to leave this cozy place where the kitchen invites to dream – but not before trying the desserts with the famous ‘dulce de leche’ and sabayon marsala (great!). No question about it, we will come back to taste other specialties of the house and spend some exquisite moments!

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