Brussels dining: Sofitel Crystal Lounge and Rob

brussels dining

We recommend two more excellent Brussels dining venues.

Sofitel Brussels Le Louise: Crystal Lounge
Award-winning chef Adwin Fontein inspires gourmet creations – from foie gras to monkfish – in this sleek restaurant in Brussels. Soak up the Zen atmosphere of a leafy terrace with a relaxed Sunday brunch or cheeseburger paired with a Belgian beer.
Or plump for a novel concept recently introduced at Crystal Lounge: De-Light. A novel concept in the Brussels dining sector.

Each De-Light dish is nutritionally balanced, low in calories and gluten-free. The chef embraces the challenge of adapting the fundamentals of classic French cooking to the requirements of a low-calorie regimen; the key is creativity, using seasonal ingredients that offer outstanding taste, without the heaviness of fats, starches and sugars. From tantalizing appetizers to hearty main dishes and delectable desserts, each De-Light dish is an invitation to indulge in a sophisticated and satisfying gastronomic treat.

The De-Light ethos allows you to enjoy exquisite dining while maintaining your healthy lifestyle goals.

brussels diningRob the Gourmets’ Market and Kobe beef
For over a year now, Jérôme Rayet and his team of butchers at Rob have had the privilege of offering authentic Kobe beef. The Kobe Beef statue  awarded to the gourmet supermarket was recognition of an exceptional quality certified by by the official association representing the renowned beef. Without this statue, you do not have a real guarantee as a consumer.

Among the different breeds of Wagyu (Japanese cattle breed), Kobe Beef is the best known and probably the most outstanding in the world.

The name ‘Kobe Beef’ is carefully protected by the Kobe Association, which strictly regulates the farming and trading practices. Each animal is individually recorded along with all the data on its pedigree, race, the producer, the fattening method, etc. The calves are fed with milk up to three months and then for 900 days with a mixture of grasses, rice straw, cereals, corn, soybean and wheat. These foods give rise to the famous marbling (the thin strips of fat) that makes the meat so recognizable. An unsaturated fat such as Omega 3, it is good for cholesterol and the fight against heart disease since no added fat is needed when cooking.