Brussels schools: BEPS International School keeps growing


In our latest Brussels schools article BEPS International School announces its latest reimagining.

One school. One location. 100% more BEPS
BEPS International School announces its expansion by entering into an agreement to acquire the building of Lycee Moliere. The site is attached to the BEPS Primary School building. This will allow the growing BEPS Secondary School to join the Early Years & Primary School at the same location where the BEPS adventure started in 1972. The transformation of the new building will give BEPS the opportunity to design spaces for innovative, authentic and engaging learning which matches the BEPS approach to learning in the Middle and High School.

This building, which is presently occupied by Lycee Moliere will be heavily transformed to enable BEPS to educate future generations. The historical part of the building will be preserved, whilst indoors, dynamic learning spaces will be created which will challenge the boundaries of what a school can be.

In order to ensure a good implementation of the IB programmes, the improvements of the building will include a science lab, an art and design studio and a ‘makerspace’ where students can come to create, design, take workshops, be challenged and inspire each other.

BEPS plans for the Secondary School to begin the academic year 2022-2023 in its new homeThe current location of BEPS Secondary School is Avenue Bel Air 91, Uccle.

“We have a passion for education and, as board members, we strive to always further improve our school. We strongly believe that these upgrades to our campus will provide wonderful opportunities for our students and ensure they have high quality learning environments.” BEPS Board of Directors, Christian Clivaz & Poul Sorensen.

“We need a new building as our secondary is growing. This location is perfect and will allow the three school sections, Early Years, Primary and Secondary, to be together under one roof. We will bring our whole school community together.

We will also adapt the building to fit our vision. To encourage students to follow their passion and to support them in taking ownership of their learning, we need a space that mirrors the current working approach of companies and co-working centres. We want to offer a more agile use of the space to spark collaboration. We will elevate learning and enable community exchange with professionals.” School Director, Pascale Hertay

“The expansion will allow BEPS Secondary School and the Business Office to join our Early Years & Primary School in our beautiful buildings across the university and with the forest as an extension of our garden.

With the growth of the Secondary school, BEPS will cater for children between 2,5 – 18 years old. Our aim is to achieve the full capacity of the school, 450 students, in the coming years. In spite of the additional space, BEPS will preserve it’s ‘family feeling’, of which we are so proud.” Finance & Administration Director, Charlotte Van Brussel

About BEPS International School.
Established in 1972, BEPS International School is situated in beautiful buildings in the heart of one of Brussels’ most desirable areas, close to the Bois de la Cambre and the University (ULB).

The school offers an inquiry based learning approach through the International Early Years Curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum, the Middle Years Programme from the International Baccalaureate® (IB), the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Career Related Programme.

BEPS International School in Brussels is owned by Genavensis Holding S.A., a Swiss family-owned investment company, who founded and managed for 50 years Collège du Léman International School and Les Roches Hotel Management School for 20 years, both in Switzerland. 

Genavensis Holding S.A currently holds 100% in BEPS International School in Brussels, Belgium, a 20% interest in SISSD (Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai) in Dubai, UAE and other minority investments such as Leman Manhattan Preparatory School in NY, USA. 

Genavensis Holding S.A. co-founded Seed International School in Yaoundé, Cameroun, in 2019, through its non-profit foundation, Fondation Virtus, with 870 students in its first school year. 

For more information on BEPS International School, please contact Cristina Willows, Admissions & Marketing Manager at or visit

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