Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Desigual: Modifying the fashion DNA

Jeanie Keogh joins two fellow fashionistas for a chat by the clothes racks at Desigual. Desigual's flower power panache, rainbow-coloured mandalas, and graffitiesque prints are...

FUUSO: Back to the furniture

Paul Morris take a look at FUUSO, a new Belgian company that gives new life to old furniture. We like entrepreneurs at Together and the...

Belgian fashion: The Krjst Collection

Jeanie Keogh, our Belgian fashion, expert discovers a young Belgian team who are undefinable. Young Belgian design team Krjst have, since their early beginnings in...

Belgian charity: Les Petits Rien

Paul Morris looks Les Petit Riens, at a Belgian charity that has a very high profile on the streets and in the shops. The ASBL...

Surveillance technology: The moral impact

Our tech guy Colin Moors takes a look at how surveillance technology affects all of us. Residents of Brussels, home town of Together Magazine will...

Private helicopters: Luxury in the air

Together browses the luxury catalogues for the best private helicopters on the market. Last month we showed you some of the luxury private islands on...

Home design: Take the in out

Paul Morris takes a look at some home design companies who can transform your house for summer. Traditionally, we take a look at our house...

Food technology: Space food for today

Colin Moors looks into the progress of food technology, a subject close to his heart… and his stomach. “Ground control to Major Tom, take your...

Maasmechelen Village: Diamond exhibition

Maasmechelen Village shows its lustre as four participate in an international exhibitions, showing top creations. Jewellery, culinarily inspired and elegantly served. That is what the...

Belgian fashion: Doriane Van Overeem

Our fashion expert Jeanie Keogh met a young Belgian fashion designer who is not afraid to take on the status quo. Twenty-six-year-old Belgian designer Doriane...
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