Thursday, November 30, 2023

CEO Excellence: A must-read coaching book from the experts

CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest Experts Caroline Dewar, Scott Keller and Vikram Malhotra ask: What if the...

Coaching books: Discover What Color is your Parachute – 2022 edition

In our latest coaching books article we highlight another classic to get you a job and take you to the top. What Color is your...

Buying property: Learn how to anticipate changing markets

In our latest Buying property article real estate expert Yannick Callens explains how important it is to anticipate changes in the market. The year 2022...

Employment advice: Discover why age diversity matters

Our latest Employment advice article Dave Deruytter explains why age diversity is so important in the workplace. Are you on the “30 under 30” list...

Business mentor: Discover how to really own your business

In our latest business mentor article international speaker, trainer and business mentor Arnon Barnes explains how to own your business, instead of letting it...

Happiness coaching: Discover the history of hypnosis

In our latest happiness coaching article Gaëlle Jadoul and Christophe Finot delve into one of history’s most fascinating healing and health practices. You may think...

Personal development: Discover the art of journaling

In our latest personal development article Chandra Devi (the chosen pen name and Hindi baptismal name of Karen Northshield) explains the many benefits of...

Happiness coaches: Discover what these experts can do for you

In search of healing Happiness coaches Gaëlle Jadoul and Christophe Finot lead you up the path to goodness. Deciding what is beneficial in life is...

Education in Belgium: Montgomery International School’s latest innovation

In our latest Education in Belgium article we highlight how EIM’s special Creality 3D printer can design and build anything from ice cube trays...

Belgian charities: Discover the work of The Ligue Braille

In our latest Belgian charities article we find out about a charity that helps blind and partially-sighted people all over Belgium. Launched in 1920, the...
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