Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Sex advice: The most powerful bedroom phrases to use

In this sex advice article a new study reveals the bedroom phrases that raise our heartbeats the most. When it comes to talking dirty in...

Dating advice: Ten Worst Case Scenarios In A Relationship

Our latest dating advice articles leads you through the murky waters of being in a relationship. It's complicated... Hidden Non-Negotiables . . . When you are...

Marc Sluszny: Watch his video ‘Living your dream’

Adventurer and extreme sportsman Marc Sluszny is an adventurer, sportsman, keynote speaker, mental coach and author. He gained worldwide attention by challenging the elements of nature...

Personal development: Discover the power of mantras

Personal development writer Karen Northshield delves deeper into the sound that created the universe. Mantras have existed since the beginning of time. From eastern Asia...

Internet dating: Tinder study on best pickup lines

Our latest internet dating article looks at a tinder study that reveals the pick-up line that is the most effective. - 86% of people like...

Self improvement tips: Just be yourself

Our self improvement writer Gemma Rose believes that the life of Qandeel Baloch ought to remind us to be our authentic selves. The Covid-19 confinement...

Joining: a new way to meet people

Joining is a new platform where you can meet new people who enjoy doing similar things. It started in the Netherlands six months ago and...

Fair Play: Sport’s Universal Code of Ethics

Karen Northshield looks at sport's universal code of ethics: Fair Play The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete... not victory...

Marc Sluszny: A Belgian coaching inspiration passes away

It was with a heavy heart that we heard of the passing of Marc Sluszny, a truly inspirational individual. Marc died doing what he...

Viktor Frankl: Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning

Our inspirational book this month was written by Viktor Frankl, a man who entered the darkness and found a way back. Viktor Frankl is known...
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