Celebrity Interview: Matt Damon


People are already talking about Ford v. Ferrari in terms of Fast & Furious and Rush… You know, actors, some actors… I’ll be diplomatic, who say they don’t care about the box office return whatsoever, aren’t being honest because it does invade your though process at some point, there’s no denying or running away from that. Especially huge movies like this with gargantuan budgets where there’s a lot of investment and these investors want a return.

When I did The Great Wall, I said personally I wanted the movie to do really well because I was so proud of it – so proud of the thousands of people involved with what was undoubtedly the biggest movie I’d ever been a part of. But did that make any difference to how it was received, and would that change the success of any future movie, even Jason Bourne? No.

Speaking of Jason Bourne, will there be another? There might be another, and there might have been the last. I don’t know if I have it in me, physically [laughs]. The last one was rough. So, I don’t know, honestly. I said it after the one before, we’re done, there’s no more coming. I had to eat my words, happily eat my words. Right at this minute, I don’t see it happening but maybe in a couple years, ring in my 50th with another chapter.

Back to cars – your relationship with them is rather… schizophrenic? I think people find it strange that I can own a Tesla at the same time as I’ve got a Toyota Hybrid in the garage. I guess that shows I have excitement and a conscience [laughs].

The truth is I don’t believe in pigeon- holing myself. I wouldn’t just take film roles in one genre, so at the same time I see the benefits and the merits of having a car that respects and does the least damage to the environment… while at the same time wanting something a bit sportier. Surely it’s better to have something that is positive and good, rather than just a garage full of supercars?

Christian Bale is a formidable co-star, but who has been the best? I wouldn’t speculate as to the best, but I’ve always said George Clooney is someone I admire. He’s an incredibly generous and beautiful man. He’s also one of the best directors I’ve worked with. And the more I get to know him, and the older he gets, the more I respect and appreciate what a great and good man he is.

It’s almost frustrating to be his friend, because you know that you can never repay his generosity. I’ve never found one thing I didn’t like about the man in all the time I’ve known him.