Charity: ‘Toutes à l’école’ educating tomorrow’s women


Our Belgian charity this is month provide high-level education to under-privileged girls.
Throughout the world less than one third of the children enrolled in schools are girls. Because of this observation, the journalist Tina Kieffer decided to found a charity called ‘Toutes à l’école’ in 2005. The mission is to provide high-level education to under-privileged girls and to allow them to get jobs in the future where they can enjoy freedom and dignity. ‘Toutes à l’école’ chose Cambodia in 2006 for its first school, Happy Chandara.

Founder-President Tina Kieffer said: “This first pilot school will be a blueprint for others which will follow, so that women with degrees will be able to influence the economic and political environments of their countries. ‘Toutes à l’école’ has decided to give priority to the education of girls. Although we defend education as a fundamental right for all children in the world, whatever their sex, it appeared urgent to improve the immense unfairness that girls undergo and which makes them victims for life.”

Fine biscuit maker Delacre and designer Serge Bensimon have teamed up to help the association –the firm has unveiled a new limited edition of its iconic box of pastry cookies, and each of the three collector’s boxes has been designed by Bensimon. They are priced at €11.99 and can be found at the Delacre store and many other large shops.
For free, educated women
Julie Pierre, Marketing Manager Delacre explains: “For ten years now, thanks to ‘Toutes à l’école’, hundreds of little girls from disadvantaged families have discovered the pleasure of learning to build a future with free and educated women. Our company has always been intimately linked to the world of the family and the sharing of experience and expertise. It is therefore natural that we have chosen to support childhood education through this association.”

For his part Serge Bensimon says: “Linking artistic work with charity is always exciting, and full of passion. It’s a way of expelling obscurantism and ignorance through altruism. These ‘collector’ boxes allow everyone to help bring a concrete future for the women of tomorrow.”