Charlize Theron: The epitome of glamour


How do you take care of your skin?
There is no mystery to it. Sunblock, water, moisteuriser.

You’re from South Africa and it was a hard road to get here. Do you feel that your dreams were pointing to where you are now?
No, not at all.

CHARLIZE THERON ACTRESSSo what are your feelings?  When you see yourself now, what do you think about the journey that you’ve taken?
That’s why I can probably sit here and say that I am incredibly blessed in my life.

But did you imagine that you would win the Oscar and be the movie star that you are?
No, I don’t think anybody can dream that big. I don’t think anybody who has gone through that experience will tell you that. It would be very grandiose to sit around and kind of expect those things to come to you. I have never not heard of an actor who just wanted to be able to pay the bills and not have to a waitress on the side or a waiter.

What did Nelson Mandela mean to you?
He was a huge inspiration. He was our great liberator, he’s the reason why South Africa is united as it is today and I was very honoured to know him and call him my friend. I think very rarely do people as great as that come into your life and have a huge influence on you.

So I feel incredibly lucky that I got to experience that.

After seeing your Dior commercial, Kelly Clarkson said you were a goddess.
That’s sweet!

Do you sometimes feel like you’re a goddess?
(Laughter)  I have this incredible team that travels with me and does this stuff.  So there are moments when you do something like that, where you are just in it and you see the aftermath. I just did a new campaign with Jean-Baptiste who did the first campaign that everybody loved so much.  He’s actually coming into town. We are doing the print campaign on Sunday and he’s bringing the commercial and everybody is in love with it, so I will see it. He sent me some clips where you look at that and just go, ‘I am so lucky to have that hair person and that makeup person,’ you know you what I mean?  You know that’s not in your hands. There are moments where I go, ‘This is so fantastic.’ (Laughter) It’s sixteen-hour days and you are tired, and you have got too much eyeliner in your eye, but all of those things are princess problems. I just have to watch out for the croissant basket, (Laughs) that’s my biggest thing because that’s when I feel like a goddess, I am like, ‘All of these croissants are for me?’