Clijsters Withdraws From Fed Cup


She is hoping to play in the French Open this June, but will be opting out of major international tournaments in Spain and possibly Italy.

“I don’t want to force anything,” she said on her own website. “I want to avoid at all cost that this becomes chronic (injury).”

Clijsters, who is the current US and Australian Open champion, added hat she would not be available for her country for their Fed Cup on April 16-17 and the Madrid Open, which starts from April 30.

The World Number Two women tennis player also said her medical staff had suggested she stays away from action for four to six weeks, during which she will have to undergo intensive physiotherapy.

“I think this is a great pity. The Fed Cup is something I was really looking forward to. But I felt that something was out of the ordinary; there were too many minor ailments, one after another, which did not seem to disappear,” wrote Clijsters.