Corsica gastronomy – A culinary revelation on the isle of beauty


Together takes a look at Corsica gastronomy, the exalted foody ambience and attractions that await you on the Isle of Beauty.

Corsica is a culinary revelation. From the most exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant to the simplest of beach bars, motivated, passionate cooks are everywhere and they are just itching to seduce your taste buds. Using only the best ingredients from local growers and producers, the chefs prepare their dishes with an enthusiasm and devotion that is rarely found elsewhere. Food is a serious business on the island of Corsica, both for the locals and the many guests who return every year to eat like kings and queens.

Along with the many hotels offered by Corsica Travel, there are many delightful small restaurants and bistros who specialize in fish, pasta dishes, grills and other delicacies. Even in the smallest villages, you will always find a good table to enjoy the most typical dishes that are a tribute to the culinary tradition of the island.

Just a few examples – try Chez Jean-Jean in Ajaccio, which has a sublime pasta with lobster, the Prunelli Inn in Bastelicaccia, where the setting, the cellar and the food are all simply beautiful, the Hotel Capo Rosso in Piana, where you can dine in front of the most beautiful sunsets, and Le Lido in Propriano, which offers haute cuisine facing the sea.

And the wine, oh the wine…in Corsica, the old naturally rubs shoulders with the new, especially in Balagne, where Clos Culombu (Lumio) and Domaine Orsini (Calenzana) are only a few minutes away by car. This last vineyard is described as the ‘Cathedral of the Modern Gourmandise’ and the wines speak for themselves.

And Corsica is all about history and culture – the origin of the name Corsica is subject to much debate and remains a mystery. To the ancient Greeks, it was known as Kalliste, Corsis, Cyrnos, Cernealis, or Cirné. Of these Cyrnos, Cernealis, or Cirné derive from the most ancient Greek name of the island, Σειρηνούσσαι (Seirinoussai, meaning of the Sirens), the very same Sirens mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. And in Ajaccio, the Fesch museum and its huge collection of Italian paintings (Primitive and Renaissance) awaits you, while the Eiffel bridge in Venaco is an amazing work of the Corsican landscape.

Corsica Travel stand by all these recommendations – peruse to your heart’s content on their website, then allow yourself a few dreams that come true in Corsica.