Cracks appear at the European Parliament


The cracks occur in at least three of the twenty-one wooden beams that hold up the roof of the semi-circle where the European Parliament holds its plenary sessions.

It’s been decided not to use the hall for the time-being as a precaution. The Parliament says that parliamentary activities will be able to proceed without too much difficulty.

The cracks were discovered in the ceiling of the hall where plenary sessions are held in the Paul-Henri Spaak Building as a result of routine checks. Experts now have the task of finding out what caused the cracks.

The Paul-Henri Spaak Building has been closed as a precaution, but other parts of the parliament building remain accessible.

Next week’s plenary session is being held in Strasbourg, so that should not pose any problem. The Parliament in Brussels is mainly used for committee meetings and the exceptional plenary session.