Depardieu planning giant barbecue in Belgian village


Gerard Depardieu (affectionately known as Gégé) has decided to make his arrival in Belgium unforgettable for the Nechinois and Néchinoises.

The controversial French actor will soon settle down in the small Belgian town of Néchin in the province of Hainaut – he will surely go from outside to the star of the village in no time.

Located one kilometre from the French border, the village will soon be home – for a few days a year at least – to one of the biggest stars of French cinema. And after all the fuss that his arrival has caused in France and Belgium, it is no surprise that he wants to arrive with a bang.

Depardieu will arrive in some style, organizing a giant barbecue at the end of August. According to some sources, the dinner will take place next weekend. For now, the Nechinois and Néchinoises have not yet received their invitations, but they expect them to drop through their letterboxes soon. The news has spread like wild fire that around 200 people, including elected officials, friends and residents, will be invited to the star’s barbecue.

Preparations are well underway, say RTL. The giant barbecue will include ribs and suckling pig, according to the butcher Estaimpuis, who will provide victuals for the garden party and will also be among the guests. “It’s fun. He first came about a year, and we’ve got to know each other quite well. He came several times to the store,” revealed the supplier.

Gégé is well-known for his love of grub. As he once said in the guise of Obélix: “I am not fat, I am well-padded.” Wild boar, anyone?

Sources: La Libre Belgique, RTL