Design: Women in Design – Brussels


This month we look at three essential design stores in Brussels.

Three distinct DNAs and three interior tips for this season:

Ligne – Oona Simon: The vintage trend seems to continue, if we are to believe interior design magazines and ‘revival’ trade fairs. A trend that finds an echo in models reissued mainly by Danish firms. Go green, duck colour velvet, green marble, plants. 

Due to our long experience (founded in 1966), we have the opportunity to offer our customers a wide choice from the biggest brands of furniture and accessories. Our job is to guess what the customer wants, to find it among all our references and to satisfy his or her desires. We never recommend brands or items with a quality or after sales service of which we are not sure. Our advice does not stop there: we can also advise on the colour of the walls, the material of the carpets or help you to find a sofa according to the length of the legs.

Les Tissus du Sablon – Sandrine Heregots:
“The main trend that is taking shape this season invites us on a journey through the archives of the big-name design houses through the reissue of wallpaper classics and the launch of matching fabrics. One of our showcases will be dedicated in October to the famous trees by Cole & Son who celebrate their 60th birthday.

This journey back in time is accompanied by travels around the world, with prints that take us to the discovery of exotic landscapes, wildlife and rich and wild flora. There is also a multiplication of designer collections, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Lacroix and Matthew Williamson, and an ‘arty’ trend with the Christian Astuguevieille wallpapers and fabrics for Pierre Frey. Finally, this winter we want soft and warm textures, wool and velvet.

“Our DNA: diversification, a multi-style offer, helpfulness and attentiveness in order to offer a tailor-made, high-end service.”

La Forêt – Lucia Esteves:

“The return to chic, haute couture, white, black, gold and red…”

Lucia’s DNA is above all a lifestyle, which is expressed even on the table. Lucia Esteves knows how to install magic in an interior, guided by her sensitivity, intuition and eye. “When I enter the house of my clients, I quickly decode their personality and way of life. Then I understand the shortfalls and I try to remedy it by adding sensitivity to the functional side by mixing contrasts of material, beautiful objects and above all the nuances of colours…”

Cushion Vice Vesra Jacquard Stone Kilim Ocher, 40×60: €130