Diamonds a Major Export in July


Belgium’s polished diamond exports in July rose 17% to  $1.119 billion while imports for polished were up 22%  to $798 million, leaving net exports of $320 million, up 6% from July 2009.

This was an increase of 2.5% on the same time last year. In terms of volume, Belgium’s international trade generated an excess of 225,000 carats against imported gems.

Over 810,000 carats were exported worth on average $1,380 p/c and a total value of $1.12 billion, according to data released Thursday (September 1) by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

Nearly 30% of exports, $332.9 million, were shipped to the US. America was also the leading source of imports in July, receiving $199.5 million worth of polished diamonds, representing a net trade of $133.5 million.