Dining Belgium: HORECA shock action Grand Place Brussels


Dining Belgium: A collective of Belgian restaurateurs took shock action – “I put down my cook’s jacket, my apron” – on the Grand Place in Brussels on Thursday afternoon by creating a ‘cook’s jackets cemetery’. By this action the HORECA sector wants to launch an appeal for government help and draw their attention to the current situation. More than ever it is essential to support this sector, which is not only rich in good times and our daily well-being but also the 3rd largest source of employment in Belgium.

The figures
BELGIAN HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Catering) is:
– 3rd largest employer in the country:
– 180,000 full-time jobs
– 200,000 indirect jobs (suppliers, temporary workers, students, etc.)
– 60,000 freelancers and companies
– Min. 10% of the Belgian population lives thanks to the Horeca
– €18 billion annual contribution to GDP
– 51 days closed represents a loss of €3.1 billion in GDP
– 3 million meals a day

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