Dining Belgium: Win one of Picard’s new gourmet offerings


In our latest Dining Belgium page we are offering you the chance to win Picard’s gourmet products, and also find out about Poppins Time’s shop and ice cream workshop.

Who wouldn’t like to taste new gourmet offerings quietly relaxing in the warm weather? Picard offers new sweet /savoury dishes that will delight the taste buds. From aperitif to dessert, Picard is on the menu with its two new Pool Party collections. The salty collection: appetizers with vegetables, Mediterranean surprise bread. Also the very trendy Les Bols de Céréales: Oriental, Peruvian and Asian. Pies and salads complete the assortment. The frozen collection: have fun with the ‘vegetable’ ice creams, coconut milk – dark chocolate and almond – Caramel sauce, coconut milk mini-sticks, ‘vegetable’ passion fruit mango, and lemon, apricot or macaroon cones. Mouth watering? That’s good! Together has 3 Picard €50 gift vouchers to give away Question: What are the two new gourmet collections this summer at Picard? The first three readers to send an email (subject line: Competition: Picard treats the gourmets) to caroline@togethermedia.eu will be sent a gift voucher.

You can more about Picard’s products, recipe ideas and how to locate the shop they supply.

Handmade ice cream by ‘Poppins Time’
Do you dream of an ice cream made by hand with good farm produce from local producers? Isabelle de Kerchove has just opened a shop and ice cream workshop in Watermael-Boitsfort. The fragrances are essential, ‘sustainable’ and classic at Poppins Time. There are perfumes without flavour enhancers, and everything is fresh! Taste the mocha ice cream made with real coffee, strawberry ice cream which is fresh and not frozen, while the vanilla is excellent and really tastes like ice cream of yesteryear, while the pistachio is essential. There is also raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mango, banana, stracciatella, lemon, orange, tangerine, chocolate, caramel and soon there will be cherry flavours.

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