Maasmechelen Village: Luxury boutique shopping in Belgium


Leap out of lockdown at Maasmechelen Village!

So, what better way to rid yourself of the pandemic blues than a measure of retail therapy? And what better place to do it than at Maasmechelen Village, just a little way out of Brussels? It’s home to more than 100 luxury boutiques selling leading local and international brands with savings from 30% to 60%. Maasmechelen Village is a factory outlet centre in Flanders, just across the border from Limburg.

Well-known brands are offered here at a discount, it is located on the highway, and is also easily and quickly accessible from the Netherlands. Located on a former mining site near Maasmechelen, there are still mining towers, and near Maasmechelen Village is a gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park.

There is also a playground, restaurants, and free parking. Next to the shopping centre is a large cinema, Euroscoop.

And, as well as all the usual delights, Maasmechelen Village is celebrating its release from lockdown with numerous stunning new boutiques.

From luxury lifestyle products at Prada, to haut-gamme Belgian design at Neuville, taking in handbags at Kate Spade and famous brands at Sisbo on the way, you will be enraptured by Maasmechelen Village’s latest offerings, and there are many more to choose from – why not enjoy beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare, which launched its namesake brand with a Beverly Hills flagship salon in 1997 and the company’s first product line in 2000, and which has now reached Maasmechelen?

The patented Golden Ratio® method remains at the heart of Anastasia, and each product launch is inspired by makeup’s unique ability to create the illusion of facial balance, symmetry and proportion. Check out the full selection of new boutiques here.

Then, as far as special July deals are concerned, it is the era of joint offers – up to 60% off is being offered by various boutiques, and you can enjoy such savings when you purchase two items or more, see here for more information.

The village is less busy on weekdays or weekend mornings, so it’s a perfect time to visit, and you can even take advantage of Maasmechelen Village’s new virtual reservation system, which allows you to bag your place in the queue at selected boutiques.

Of course, coronavirus shopping procedures and social distancing will apply, but it really is easier than you think to enjoy a stress-free shopping wonderland at Maasmechelen Village.

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