Dining detox: Give your immunity system a healthy boost

Photo Martine Fallon

In our latest dining detox article Caroline Dierckx tested and approved the Detox cure by Martine Fallon.

Who has never wanted to get back on the road to healthier, more balanced and tasty food? Especially after the holidays, when overeating leaves its mark. We lack energy and sometimes motivation…. I have found a great way to reactivate my food profile in ‘healthy’ mode with Martine Fallon’s DETOX BOX. This is an expected little boost to completely rebalance my food but also to detoxify my body. And if I chose Martine Fallon, it is because she is a pioneer in the field, a ‘Detox therapist’ and founder of the concept of La Cuisine de l’Energie.

She has written several books and organizes conferences to make us aware of the food issues which, more than ever, are at the heart of the major debates to be undertaken, with respect for people, future generations and the ecosystem of our planet that we depend on. A detox cure developed by Martine Fallon is considered according to the main principles of Chinese medicine. Nothing to do with a diet. The emunctory organs responsible for processing and discharging toxins return to functioning ideally, the pounds fly away and do not come back.

Immunity is a growing topic, immunity that we need more than ever in the stressful situations that make up our daily lives. And because the concept is very attractive, no-one wants to return to the previous way of life. The concept of the Detox Box: Vegan, gluten and lactose free, sugar-free, and 100% organic, from small Belgian producers. The duration is 6 days, or 6 detox boxes (6 x24h). In each box: cold pressed juices, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, soup, dinner. A word of advice on preparing at least three days before the start of the treatment, you should eliminate red meat, manufactured dairy products, strong alcohol, fried foods, sugars and cereals containing gluten.

This week was really good for my body and my mind because even though during the first two days I felt very tired, I found energy day after day. The effects are clearly visible. Even though it wasn’t my goal, I lost 2kg during the week. Delivery to the 19 municipalities of Brussels or by pick up outside Brussels at Sequoia. Detox boxes are organized for three weeks during each month. www.martinefallon.com

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