Dining: Les Tartes de Françoise


Dining: This week we bring you something sweet with Les Tartes de Françoise.

The history of Les Tartes de Françoise began in 1994, in a small Brussels kitchen where the cook was called … Françoise, and she loved what is good, natural and simple.

She prepared delicious pies that amazed her friends and the restaurants in the neighbourhood. The first atelier soon opened on avenue de l’Hippodrome in Ixelles, producing large sweet and savoury, festive and gourmet pies, ideal for sharing with friends, colleagues or family.

It’s home-from-home food, unfussy pies that are both modest and tasty, full of love and good things. Today, nothing has changed, except the number of ateliers. The spirit and the quality remain: the attention to detail, care, know-how and flavours that are more pronounced for seasonal products.

A story from the heart and directly to your stomach. Head for the website and check out the ateliers… and the pies! www.tartes.be

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