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Dining: De Valera’s Irish Pub

Dining: We visit De Valera's Irish Pub at Flagey. When the confinement was finally lifted, it meant that one of my favourite bars in Brussels had flung open its doors...

Food & Drink: The Food Of Love

Food & Drink: Paul Morris and Emma Portier Davis find themselves on opposite sides of the divide. Firstly, Emma explains why food is the greatest...

In Belgium: The Chocolate Wars

In Belgium: Ludivine Nolf asks if Belgian chocolate is in danger of becoming overpriced and losing their cachet? The number of outlets in downtown brussels might...

Food & Drink: The Culture Of Coffee

Food & Drink: Andy Carling brings us on a voyage of coffee discovery. If it wasn’t for coffee, I don’t think I would have found the...

Food & Drink: Wine In The Time of Covid19

Wine: We offer an insight into how the Bourgogne wine region is coping with the Covid-19 crisis. In Bourgogne (Burgundy), business has slowed but the...

Nature: Grow your own with Click & Grow

Nature: Click & Grow offers an innovative way of growing your own food indoors. Click & Grow is working towards making the most essential, fresh,...

Dining: Les Tartes de Françoise

Dining: This week we bring you something sweet with Les Tartes de Françoise. The history of Les Tartes de Françoise began in 1994, in a...
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