In Belgium: Ardennes Adventure


In Belgium: We go on an Ardennes adventure.

When it comes to enjoying the natural beauty of the Ardennes, few are better positioned than Brussels dwellers – Belgium’s most famous and beloved beauty spot is located primarily in Belgium and Luxembourg, and also stretches into Germany and France.

Most of the Ardennes is in south-east Wallonia, the southern and more rural part of Belgium. By road, it’s less than two hours from Brussels to the heart of the Ardennes, and by train, it’s only €13 to Marloie, a perfect destination to begin your Ardennes exploration. And there is plenty to do once you get there, but for many, the primary reason to journey to the Ardennes is the choice of hikes that are available to explore the northern Ardennes, and avid cyclists are spoiled in the region!

Nature enthusiasts will also rave about the roads and country tracks. The Ardennes is a symphony in relaxation and, to add to your enjoyment, the Ardennes has many beautiful lakes, so why not go for an exhilarating swim in the great outdoors? And what about trying out the PackRaft? Anyone who loves a thrill will be overjoyed – it’s a concept out of Alaska, and it is now available in the Two Ourthes Natural Park in the Ardennes. It’s perfect – you no longer have to worry about whether you are hiking or taking a trip on the river, you can now do both – a unique experience.

The name Packraft comes from ‘rafting’ and ‘pack’ – the PackRaft is an activity that has already attracted many tourists in the Ardennes. The Belgian association,
supervised by Luc Van Ouystel, which allows the public to experience this new adventure. But what exactly is it? The principle is simple: the PackRaft is an inflatable boat that is easily transportable in a backpack. With a maximum weight of 3kg, the Packraft
allows the adventurer to alternate hiking trails and navigation on the water. The boat inflates in just 10 minutes thanks to its canvas inflation bag. Once on the water, you can then guide your boat using removable paddles.

Taking care of yourself is also about taking a break from the fast pace of everyday life, so that you can restore your energy levels and enjoy yourself as a couple, with your family or with your group of friends. Springtime in the Ardennes is also the season for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Horse riding, climbing and mountain biking are other examples of popular sports. In winter, the keen mountaineer has an exciting choice of challenges. It’s all about the excitement of downhill and cross-country skiing – and tobogganing and snow scooter racing are also available for the truly adventurous!

And gourmet cuisine and delicious wines are synonymous with the region, with the locally reared meat and game, sourced from the forests, always providing a taste of tradition. When it comes to world-famous sparkling wines, the Ardennes also shares a part of the region with Champagne – so enjoy a glass or two of the region’s finest with the delicious meals you will doubtless enjoy – experience the best of Jacquart, Taittinger and Mercier. As well as for its fish, Ardennes is renowned for its game, which has been an abundant source of inspiration for chefs and gastronomes for many years.

Boar, deer, duck and partridge are abundant – and when served with the region’s renowned sauces, absolutely delicious.  If what you are searching for is relaxation, natural beauty and a real sense of the good life, you really can’t do much better than the Ardennes – your dream break awaits. And, of course, you know where to look for all manner of accommodations in the region – Ardennes étape boasts no fewer than 1,800 holiday homes in the Ardennes. Find the perfect place for you and yours on the website.

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