Eating out: Auderghem, the Marolles and Liège


Eating out this weekend. Here are a few suggestions.

La Soeur du Patron
If you prefer something more laid back and very hospitable head for Auderghem and a restaurant with a culinary philosophy that is very eclectic. People come here with the certainty that everyone will find his something to his or her taste. The menu plays ‘Belgitude’ notes of course – with classic shrimp croquettes – but there are more exotic specialties according to the chef’s whim, such as the ‘casquinha de Siri’, succulent crab gratin accompanied by a small caipirinha. It has just opened a hip bar, suitably name Le Bar du Patron.

Wine Bar Marolles
The Wine Bar Sablon Marolles facelift and becomes the Wine Bar Marolles. The same team, the same enchanting setting that seduces and enchants as much by the quality of its cuisine as by the wonderful cellar.

Eating out in BrusselsLocated in the heart of the old Breughel-Marolles quarter, it also boasts its own delicatessen, Wine Bar du Marché.

Au Point de Vue
Head south to Liège and go back in time in a restaurant that produces traditional local food that is, sadly, too rare. From the unmissable fricassee to the Liège salad, via the kidney in Péquet and Juniper or grandmother’s veal chop, everything here is pure ‘Liégitude’. And that includes desserts such as a genuine Liège coffee, sugar waffle or authentic bouquette (a buckwheat crepe with small grapes.

Eating out in BrusselsAnd, of course, the famous boulettes de Liège, prepared like back  in the day and served in small cast iron casseroles, flanked by excellent home fries and a small salad – and it doesn’t cost the Earth.