Embrace of Lights: Celebrating relations between Korea and the EU

Embrace of Lights © Korean Cultural Center Brussels

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and the EU, the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels invites artist Ligyung for the Media Façade event. Her work of art, ‘Embrace of Lights’, will be projected on the Arcades du Cinquantenaire (Brussels) from  18:00 to 22:00, 16 – 22 November. 

Korean artist Ligyung creates a symbol of the fusion of art and contemporary technology

The creation of Ligyung highlights the solidarity and harmony between South Korea and the European Union (EU). By projecting a dynamic monumental artwork onto the iconic Arcades du Cinquantenaire structure in Brussels, Belgium, home to the EU headquarters, Korean artist Ligyung creates a symbol of the fusion of art and contemporary technology. His project symbolically reveals cultural exchanges and visually transmits a message of future and hope.

In this six-minute work, Ligyung uses fragments of each of the flags, in addition to abstract images inspired by Korea and Europe. Beyond celebrating the friendship between South Korea and the EU, the artist also expresses her admiration for Art Nouveau by drawing inspiration from the characteristics of this artistic movement. The music that accompanies the work is significant, a marriage of styles between traditional Korean music and European classical music. Two excellent voices, Korean soprano Sumi Jo and Belgian countertenor Dominique Corbiau, join the soundtrack.

This project highlights the cultural bond between Korea and the EU by providing a diverse cultural experience to citizens of the host country and tourists from around the world, thereby strengthening cooperation in the fields of art and cultural industry, promoting mutual understanding and the development of close relationships, and highlighting the importance of cooperation in artistic and cultural exchanges on an emblematic Brussels monument within the EU. 



Ligyung was invited twice by the French Hermès Foundation to the Ginza Maison Hermès le Forum in Tokyo. Her solo exhibitions have attracted the most visitors since the founding of the foundation, notably during the official exhibition “Paik Nam-joon x Ligyung” at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. Active on the world stage, she creates large-scale works that awaken the artistic imagination and express the sublime through light and sound. She has participated as an artist representative of South Korean contemporary art at the ZKM in Germany, the Gwangju Biennale, the Busan Biennale and the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA).

Photos: Sumi Jo © Lee Soo Jin Belgian countertenor Dominique Corbiau © Dominique Corbiau © Ligyung