Entrepreneurship: Freelancer in Belgium Day 2023

Freelancers in Belgium Day 2020

Andrew Antenucci recommends an event to help you take control of your career through freelancing

Self-employed professionals are an increasingly important part of the Belgian economy. An event in Brussels is bringing independent careers into focus.

Early in 2023, Forbes identified the desire for more flexible working arrangements as the top trend in employment for the year ahead. It’s no surprise, following the COVID-19 pandemic that caused a shift in the way we work. Many of us enjoyed the flexibility we gained; adding positively to our work/life balance.

Although the pandemic was a step change towards greater flexibility, the trend has been growing over many years. The advancement of technology has opened new doors, including the possibility for many workers to take back control of their career through self-employment.

Belgium is no exception. According to Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, around 1.5 million people in Belgium are individual entrepreneurs. That number, which includes freelancers and independent professionals, continues to rise year-on-year.

As more people look to diversify their employment options, local organization Freelancers in Belgium has become a focal point for freelancers across Belgium. Although predominantly an online community, it is hosting a one-day conference to help those interested in making the jump into an independent career.

‘Start as a Freelancer in Belgium Day 2023’ will be held in Brussels on 14 December, offering practical advice and inspiration to help new-comers succeed in self-employment. Up to 200 new and aspiring freelancers are expected to attend the English-language event.

If you’ve wondered what it takes to transition from employee to freelancer, this is your chance to find out. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and learn from freelancers with many years of experience under their belt. Topics will range from prickly legal and administrative matters – like registration, accounting and taxation – to business development matters like marketing and pricing.

Working as a freelancer also requires a strong support network around you. No need to go it alone! The day will be filled with structured opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs that will be valuable allies on the journey. Sessions will also cover strategies to maintain motivation and manage uncertainty.

Founder of Freelancers in Brussels, Jenny Bjorklof, is a freelancer herself. She has designed the event to ensure freelancers in Belgium have a strong network of connections, and leave the conference with new-found confidence and the information needed to kickstart their freelance career in 2024.

Interested? Registrations for the conference are open until 13 December 2023 through Freelancers in Belgium.

Start as a Freelancer in Belgium Day 2023

Thursday 14 December, 9.00-17.00

BluePoint, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80, Schaerbeek (Brussels)

Freelancers in Belgium is an English-speaking community of 13,000 members, with the mission to simplify the lives of freelancers across all sectors and industries. As an independent and community-driven organization, it is organized by and for freelancers themselves. You can connect with Freelancers in Belgium on Facebook and LinkedIn.