New Year, New You: Reconnect to your inner beauty in Italy


Irina Oshchepkova tells us about the upcoming New Year’s eve retreat in Puglia, Italy

Looking for a meaningful end-of-year getaway? 

Release 2023 with gratitude and recharge for 2024 during a high-touch retreat in the beauty of Italy (link). Have you ever thought that you are missing out on the uniqueness of the New Year’s eve as it seems just like another regular day?

To nourish your heart, mind and soul, our time together at this retreat will be full of meaningful practices and fun, as well as relaxation and sacred space for yourself. 

Wellness activities inspired by the energy of five elements

All the retreat activities are guided by the energy of the 5 elements: fire, earth, metal, water, wood. Each day of the retreat is themed around one element, so each outdoor activity, yoga and meditation session respects this element. There is a sense of integration and living each day with a thought-through intention.

For example, on the wood day, which will be right on the first day of the year, we will welcome 2024 with a walk and meditation in the forest, continue with a guided tour in the nearby historical city, and finish with tasting of the local wine aged in wooden barrels.

Sustainable travel – plant your tree to offset emissions!

Our home for this retreat is an eco-friendly family-run boutique venue transformed from a traditional Apulian farmhouse of the early 1800s. It puts sustainability as the top priority, runs on solar, uses minimal plastic, and sources products from local suppliers made from natural and regenerative materials. Their aim is to reforest 15 hectares of land.  And we will participate in that!

During our retreat, each guest will plant a tree to offset carbon emissions for their travel and to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

Daily yoga and meditation practice

We practice yoga and meditation twice a day: energising yoga flow in the morning and restorative yoga flow in the evening.  Classes are adjusted right on the spot to fit your body needs and movement experience.  We will meditate and practice mindfulness during yoga sessions and in the nature.

Nature at your fingertips

Re-connecting to nature is essential on your journey of re-connecting to yourself.

Imagine walking or biking along the gentle Ionian sea, feeling the breeze on your face and playing with your hair, watching the elegant flamingos.  Or walking in the beautiful forest, surrounded by the wisdom of trees and plants, tranquillity and fresh air… Breathing and meditation practices outdoors is an extra for nature lovers!

Pottery workshop to create your own piece of art

The local centre of ceramics, the town of Grottaglie, has the largest ceramic production district in Europe today.  We will explore the clay manufacturing process, up to its firing and decoration.

You will roll up your sleeves and, under the expert guidance of our guide, learn to shape clay on the wheel to transform it into your work of art.

Let go of the past, welcome the future, stay in the present

At the opening fire ceremony, the cleansing energy of the fire will teach you the wisdom of letting go: take a conscious decision to release everything that does not serve you and open your heart to the new.

We will also hold a special ceremony around midnight on the New Year’s eve to tune into the magical moment of crossing the border between the two calendar years.  A perfect time to change for the better, to make an end to 2023 and start 2024.

Celebration in the company of the like-minded people

On the New Year’s eve, we will have a celebration dinner where the Apulian specialties will be skilfully paired with the local wine.

How wonderful it is to spend time with those who understand you, and share each other’s challenges and blessings! Make deep and meaningful connections: our previous retreat guests still keep in touch!

Time for you to rest and relax

With guided practices, meditations, massages and sacred time for yourself, you will have dedicated time and space to rest and relax after all the hassles of 2023, so you feel truly restored and recharged, ready to take on exciting life activities again.

Each day of the retreat you will be guided through progressive full-body relaxation.  Enjoy dozing off to the sounds of the relaxing music during the practice, and the bliss of feeling rejuvenated in the end.

Delicious organic treats 

Guests are served two daily healthy, delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals, brunch and dinner, freshly prepared with lots of love and attention by the local talented and experienced rivate chefs.  They will craft each dish from local seasonal products for you to indulge.  Your dietary requirements will be thoughtfully taken care of throughout the retreat.

Start 2024 with clarity and joy

This retreat is your chance to enjoy the thought-through time in a beautiful setting and recharge for the new beginnings.  Puglia will wrap you in beauty, cosiness, and delight.

Time for nourishment and healing, time to be nurtured by beauty, time to explore and revitalise your energy.

Give yourself a gift of valuable time for your body, mind and soul.