Escalpade: Bringing hope, brick by brick


The first shovelfuls were dug in November 2013, and now the school’s new expansion is 100% operational. The new premises adds two classes, while a space ‘snoezelen’, a physiotherapy room and a large kitchen have also been constructed for a total amount of €370,000. The 375m2 building now allows 60 children with Type 4 physical disabilities and the 25 staff to feel less cramped. 

Escalpade is an elementary school in Louvain-la-Neuve (60 children), a high school in Limal (50 adolescents), and soon a day centre for 30 adults with motor disabilities. 

Infrastructure like this requires substantial financial resources, of which the government, foundations and other donations cover a part. Especially since the ASBL injects €50,000 each year to fund the school’s operating costs. 

Hence the launch of the tenth edition of the Escalpade Bricks Operation, once again under the patronage of Joachim Gerard, professional wheelchair tennis player, who recently reached the semifinals of the Australian Open. 

Specifically, small boxes of chocolates will be sold in the coming weeks, at the exits of large stores in Walloon Brabant, an operation that should provide the association between €100,000 and €120,000. 

This amount will allow Escalpade to finance its projects. “Escalpade is an ASBL that is both strong and fragile”, says Claire Miclotte, its president. ”It is a chain composed of many links (foundations, donors, volunteers) without whom nothing would have been possible.” 

All this effort has a single purpose: to ensure improved quality of life for children with physical disabilities and to fight for their personal development by providing a suitable education.