Wine of the month: Clos Les Verdots


At the French Salon de l’Agriculture, President Hollande tasted Bergerac wines and claimed that they were “the bomb” – a perfect prompt to rediscover this luminous Occitan area located in south-western France, along the Dordogne River. Bergerac is known for its beautiful environment, diverse fauna, and rich, flavourful local food. Above all, Bergerac is the cradle of a plethora of fine wines, from Côtes de Montravel to Monbazillac. 

Discovering the Bergerac region
Dordogne is historically a winemaking region: in the 19th century, it was entirely occupied by vineyards. Today, with 13 official appellations and close to a thousand winemakers, this heritage has been honourably preserved.

The Bergerac territory itself encompasses a variety of different soils and climates. Vineyards with the Bergerac appellation can be located on either side of the Dordogne River, and therefore receive different sun exposures. Soils are mainly composed of clay and different types of limestone, some containing more sand, and some more acid than others. This allows for a variety of different wines and contributes to the region’s rich gastronomy.

As the river cuts through the area, there are many valleys and plateaus – ideal for good sun exposure. 

Meet David Fourtout, a local award winning winemaker
The Fourtout family has been making wine for over a century in their vineyard, the Clos Les Verdots. Today, David Fourtout is in charge of the domain, combining traditional methods and innovative techniques. Passionate about nature, he strives to practice an all natural viticulture and pays close attention to climate variations to constantly adapt his work.

The wines age on-site, in an alluring maturing cellar dug directly into the rocky ground by David’s father. While digging, Mr. Fourtout discovered that the Verdots river flowed underneath the domain – the river now flows through the cellar! 

Our selection: Clos des Verdots Tradition (red wine)
The Clos des Verdots produces different types of wines. The ‘Traditional’ range compiles the domain’s oldest wines. They mature during up to 18 months in vats. The red version, composed of three different types of grapes, is supple, silky and fruity. It is best enjoyed while still young and can be perfectly paired with any meal. It has won several awards and was rated 16/20 by the renowned guide Gault Millau. 

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