Eurantica Brussels: Ancient and modern art fair

Some paintings from Jean Moust Gallery ©Edu Van Gelder

C. Thonon visited Eurantica Brussels this year and gives us the lowdown.

Eurantica (Fine Art Fair) difficult to characterize, it’s different objets d’art from a different time, a different style, a different culture. This fair is a melting pot of classic and modern art. For five days, 90 top-notch gallerists and antiquarians will offer you paintings, jewellery, ancient and vintage furniture. There are all settle in Bussels Expo until the 25 March.

Luc Darte, Exhibition Manager ©Fabrice Debatty

Eurantica Brussels is kind of an atypical name, don’t you think? Well, it’s a short story as explain Luc Darte, the exhibition manager antiques: “The fair has been going for 37 years and at the time, it was a simple combination between “Brussels: Europe capital” and “antique” that leads to Eurantica! After all, the name stays because most of the people know and we won’t change it now!”

The atmosphere is really welcoming and pleasant. Softened lights, dulcet music that accompanies the visitors all around the different stands. Inside, it looks like you have been suspended in time. Spot after spot, you travel through the time, the period, the uncommon object and each corner is a new adventure.


Art passion as a collector
On my way, I discovered a passionate collector called Jean Moust. He is an enthusiastic gallerist who has two true passions in art: 17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings and Eccentricities and curiosities in painting (as he called it). Before being a collector, he studied archeology, art history and he began his collection 30 years ago.

At the begin, his collection was made up of the 17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings because for him it is the best period. Then a few years ago he started to enlarge his selection by purchasing some “curiosities”. When you asked him why he changed suddenly, he replies cheerfully: “I buy, and I have more fun now!” Nevertheless, he always pays attention to detail all of his art production.

For Jean Moust the story of the paintings, its past, its background beside the techniques and the painter, are also important. He emphasizes this point strongly: “The information about the paintings is really important, each piece is extremely referred with all the information that I found.”

Art et Patrimoine
For Laurence Lenne, ceramic collector, the story of the object is also essential. She defines her statue, as antiquarian: “We are the smuggler of memory. Some art objects get a heritage of the History, be a witness of our past. For me it’s a bonus in this field.”

Her collection has two main criteria: the scarcity and quality of the object. She collects ceramics and artistic works in the period of Middle Ages and 18th century. She tries to discover the rare gem that was a request at the origins, for example some princely request. Her purpose is to find some items that are uncommon. For example, she gets a stunning coffee pot that looks like an Italian bottle – in the 17th century this art work used to be a common object

Theme: Paris-Brussels
This year, the theme of Eurantica is Paris-Brussels, an inspiring topic for the exhibitors and the exhibition manager Luc Darte. For him, Brussels used to be, and still is, an intersection in European art. Compared to some faisr in Netherlands and France, they present just one type of art work. In Eurantica, it is eclectic, you can find some furniture, paintings, jewelry…

In short, if you like art, go for it!

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