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Nikolaos Antoniou: Did I see this?

Nikolaos Antoniou invites visitors to take a different approach to seeing. At his latest exhibition, Antoniou challenges the viewer to perceive different realities and accept...

Season’s greetings!

Well done for making it to the end of 2022, another turbulent year! At around this time last year U.S intelligence was raising the alarm...

Belgian art: What can art and science learn from each other?

Our latest Belgian art article visits Bozar's latest compelling exhibition. Studiotopia. Colliding Epistemes. Science for Art's sake? After almost two years of Art&Science residencies, Bozar presents...

Belgian culture: A big birthday for the Centre for Fine Arts

Our latest Belgian culture looks how our favourite Belgian cultutal spot will celebrate 100 years. Project Palace, a Centenary In 2022, BOZAR will celebrate the 100th...

Belgian art: The Ghent Altarpiece by Jan and Hubert Van Eyck...

Our latest Belgian art article looks at an exceptional ongoing restoration. As part of one of the most ambitious restoration projects undertaken in Flanders, St....

Belgian art: What’s on Belgium Pierre Alechinsky Carta Canta

Our latest Belgian art article looks at one of Belgium's greatest living artist. Carta Canta: Pierre Alechinsky Born in Schaerbeek on 19 October 1927, Pierre Alechinsky...

Photo books: Discover J. C. Volkamer’s The Book of Citrus Fruits

Our latest photo books article looks at J. C. Volkamer’s 18th-century ode to the citrus fruit. Have you ever thought of citrus fruits as celestial...

Art: Richard Höglund Vine Pictures

Art: Artist Richard Höglund describes his emotional interaction with a vine. This vine grew on Naxos as though it were the first. I was on...

Books: Steven Pressfield – War of Art

Books: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Think of The War of Art as tough love... for yourself. Since 2002, The War of Art has inspired people...

Books: Ciao by Mario Testino

Books: This month TASCHEN offers a unique book that shows Italy as you have never seen it before - Ciao by Mario Testino. Venezia, Roma,...
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