Europeans and sex: The early starters


Contrary to popular belief, just because Italians are considered hot-blooded doesn’t mean that they are not shy. In northern Europe, on the other hand…

Condom company Durex used its expertise to decipher the sexual behaviour of more than 300,000 people across the continents. It reveals among other things that the car remains the preferred location for trysts outside the home, girls have sex earlier than boys, and also the age of the first time varies from country to country.

Debunking stereotypes, the study reveals that it is much hotter than you think in the north. Young Icelanders are the earliest to have sex intercourse, aged 15 and a half on average, just slightly ahead of the Germans (15.9), the Swedes and the Norwegians (16). Here in Belgium, and in France, the average age is higher. Teens discover the joys of sex from the age of 17.

The later starters? According to this study, they’re from the south, where young people are more patient. Italians wait until they are 18 to get in on the act, followed by the Turks (17.9), the Spanish (17.5) and the Croats (17.3).

The least anxious in the world?

Outside of Europe, the figures also vary from one region to another. The first time for New Zealanders and Australians is around 16 and a half, Canadians and Americans are more timid with an average of 17. By contrast, in India young people make their move much later: at the age of 20. The Chinese wait until they are 18 and the Vietnamese 19 and a half.

It would be interesting to correlate these findings with how the company operates in each of these countries. Education, values, traditions and climate – they all have an impact on mating rituals from one region to another…

Sources: Durex, la Libre Belgique
Photo: BemDevassa