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BJAB 728×90


14/05/2013 - 25/05/2013
All Day

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Working in a city of the North, a group of friends, six unemployed at the end of law, black, a leader, a shy, round, a loudmouth, a rocker over the bar owner presents a challenge: make a striptease men like Chippendales, to “win the tune, impress the girls and prove that they are still able to exist beyond their social distress, family and morality.” Ladies Night was a huge success in the theater. It inspired a famous film …It plunges us into the realistic world of a society in crisis struggle which six unemployed buddies who decide one day to get out … by a show of striptease: a realistic universe at first, but a situation shifted tonic dialogue and popular humorous. 

Hippodrome de Boitsfort – Circus Pauwels, Brussels