Exquisite Esquisse


Meet Sergiu Lom the co-founder of the boutique Esquisse

Sergiu Lom is a versatile and self-taught creator of bespoke jewellery. Lom has boundless curiosity and has a multi-disciplinary creative background that includes: architecture, tattoo art, craft design, industrial design and of course jewellery. This has provided him with the skills to create bespoke pieces where human values are front and centre. 

“Sergiu Lom is a versatile and self-taught creator of bespoke jewellery”

What is the philosophy of Esquisse jewels?

The jewel is the reflection of our history and the materialization of our emotions. 

How did you come up with the idea of opening a boutique?

I wanted to create a space like a jewellery box. A miniature Place Vendôme, as soon as you push the door of the shop, the magic happens, a wonderful experience, a moment for the creation of memories.

“Aude Solyga, is Parisian, passionate and a gemologist”

My fiancée, Aude Solyga, is a passionate Parisian and a gemologist. In this way, with Esquisse jewels, I wanted to bring a little piece of Paris to Brussels.

How would you describe your Esquisse Jewels?

What makes us distinctive is that Esquisse Jewels is tailor made from A to Z. We leave nothing to chance. I am thinking in particular of the play of light so that the space is conducive to building a rapport from the first moments of your visit.

What services do you offer?

Our specialty is tailor-made jewels, but not only this. We also have a wide choice of unique pieces of jewellery to offer without taking the tailor-made approach.

We engrave your treasures. Engraving is an ancient art. I am also one of the last hand engravers in Belgium. Engraving is a personalization that adds an additional symbolic dimension to your favorite objects. We crimp. By this, I mean we place one or more gems in your jewellery. All this happens in our workshops which are in the same place as the shop.

We work with engravers both in Brussels and Antwerp to magnify the gem of your choice. Everything is possible in the hands of these talented experts. We can also recut or repolish your  gems that may have been damaged over time. It is also possible to engrave a stone to create an exceptional signet ring.

How do you find the right gems?

We work with expert gemologists to confirm the nature and quality of the stones we select. Their passion allows us to unearth fabulous treasures for you: from the most classic (diamond, sapphire, topaz, etc.) to the most original (moss agate, rutilated quartz, party sapphire, etc.). We also make every effort to work with gems from ethical sources.

We also have a room entirely dedicated to gems that will allow you to discover all kinds of stones and fall in love with them.

In Esquisse, each person is unique and each person deserves a unique jewel with a true significance for them. We will design the piece that suits you. We can also, at your request, present you with a 3D model, or a wax model, of your future jewel so that you can have a concrete idea of what it will look like. 

If you have old jewellery that no longer suits you or has suffered damage, we can transform or repair it. Our workshops are extremely well equipped. It’s a pity to leave jewels you no longer wear at the bottom of your drawers, we can help you transform them and give them a second life.

What are your plans?

We will continue to find unique stones for you, continue to create and above all continue to meet through different workshops. At the end of the day, I want to inspire our clients on a daily basis. 

A word for the end?

Have a great holiday, come and visit us so that we can help you make your dreams take shape.