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Claude Wesel: The goldsmith who redefined jewellery

Nicholas Sirot examines the importance of one of Belgium’s most innovative craftsmen. Trained at the École des Métiers d'Art de l'Abbaye de Maredsous, Claude Wesel...

Exquisite Esquisse

Meet Sergiu Lom the co-founder of the boutique Esquisse Sergiu Lom is a versatile and self-taught creator of bespoke jewellery. Lom has boundless curiosity and...

Luxury jewellery: Belgian jewellery designer Laurence Vandenborre

Liz Newmark looks at the new collection of handmade luxury jewellery designer Laurence Vandenborre – a celebration of childbirth. A gem is born Laurence Vandenborre, a...

Luxury: Discover luxury jewellery made with love

In our latest luxury jewellery article Liz Newmark looks into luxury jewellery – when money is no object. Jewellery is special. It is beautiful. And...

Belgian jewellery: Some sparkling gems for Christmas

Our latest Belgian jewellery pages suggest a dazzling array of fine-cut sparklers. Barbara Bussy Belgian designer Barbara Bussy - very popular at Vogue UK - has...

A new “Diamond Lounge” opened by Tollet

Tollet has opened a room in their store on 36 Rue des Fripiers dedicated to the sale of jewellery and luxury watches. Called the...
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