Fashion lingerie: MAISON LEJABY celebrates 90th anniversary


Our fashion lingerie article looks at nine decades MAISON LEJABY as seen by nine photos, illustrating changes in social mores.

For nearly a century, MAISON LEJABY has been supporting women in their quest for emancipation, freedom and femininity, and their thirst for objects of desire. The House has been one of the greatest successes in the history of lingerie. At the end of 2020, the iconic French manufacturer of corsetry, underwear and swimwear will need a cake with room for 90 candles!

To celebrate this very special birthday, MAISON LEJABY has asked nine photographers to give us their take on a particular decade. They gave the photographers carte blanche. It’s a gamble, but MAISON LEJABY wanted the project to have an entirely artistic dimension.

Lingerie is a garment unlike any other; it is demanding and delicate. It is an intimate reflection of the personality, uniting the body and the mind; the assurance of wellbeing and beauty. These nine photos will provide further evidence of this, bearing witness to times past, the heritage of yesterday and today, captured by contemporary photographers working in this major field of the visual arts. Giving them carte blanche has allowed the brand to escape from its comfort zone and inhabit a different world, one that offers a sometimes poetic, sometimes sexualized, but always benevolent, vision of women and their bodies. A ray of sunlight filtering through, a particular pose, a delicate beauty spot, an adjustment to a bra strap or a flick of the hair… Nine decades as seen by nine photos, illustrating changes in social mores and demonstrating that art resides in a multitude of details.


There will be many different interpretations, no two reactions will be the same, but these images all have one thing in common – they are all testimony to moments in our lives that do not belong to us but will live forever as works of art.

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