Festive dining: Be sure you make this Christmas sparkling


Our festive dining page looks at fizzy products for the festive season: one is champagne and the other makes instant fizzy drinks.

Taittinger Brut Reserve
The elegance of balance for the festive season. Taittinger Brut Réserve is made from 40% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir and 25% Meunier. Produced from more than 35 different vintages, they come from several harvests that are perfectly ripe. This blend delivers an airy, elegant and balanced champagne.

A classic champagne
Creating a great non-vintage champagne is more than just an occupation for myself and my family – it is an honour,” according to Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger.

The high proportion of Chardonnay (40 %), allows the Brut Réserve to reach its full aromatic potential after maturing for 3 to 4 years in the cellars. It is unusual for a non-vintage blend to have such a high quantity of Chardonnay, and this is what makes this non-vintage blend so balanced, consistent and world-renowned. It is an excellent champagne, suitable for any occasion.

We tested it and it came in a beautifully arranged festive box, with two champagne flutes and some decorations for a festive table.

Fizzy drinks for Christmas anyone? SodaStream can not only provide you with quick soda and other sparkling drinks – it will be fun or all the family this festive season.

SodaStream wants to make a difference by making plastic bottles useless. With a SodaStream device, tap water becomes sparkling water in an instant. It’s tasty, easy and durable! SodaStream operates in 46 countries and is the world leader in homemade sparkling water. SodaStream adheres to the highest international standards in quality, design and production.

Less transport, less storage and above all: less waste. SodaStream devices have a rechargeable CO2 cylinder that injects gas directly into a reusable SodaStream bottle filled with water. A SodaStream bottle replaces thousands of disposable plastic bottles.

With SodaStream, you can prepare your own drinks in seconds; natural or tasteful. No need to hang out with soda bottles: with SodaStream, you can quickly and easily put your drinks at the table!

Hydration is very important; no problem with SodaStream. In addition to natural sparkling water, you can enjoy different flavours, light varieties and an assortment of mocktails: non-alcoholic cocktails for your lively evenings. No kitchen should be without one.
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