Films: Some kind of disaster: Take Shelter


In Take Shelter, director Jeff Nichoals takes the audience through a chilling psychological thriller as Curtis La Forche (Michael Shannon) loses sight of what is reality and what is hallucination. Living in a small town in Ohio with his wife Samantha (Jessica Chastin) and six-year-old daughter (Tova Stewart), Curtis and Samantha make a modest living and stuggle with the challenge of paying for Hannah’s healthcare and special needs education.

Suddenly, Curtis beings having terrifying dreams about violent encounters with his friends and family, and a recurring nightmare about an encroaching apocalyptic storm. Disturbed by these visions, he channels his fear into the obsessive building of a storm shelter in their backyard. 

As time passes, the dreams and hallucinations become a greater threat and Curtis is overwhelmed with terror as he tries to decipher the meaning of the dreams. 

Winner of the ‘Critics Week Grand Prize’, ‘Fipresci Prize’ and ‘SACD Prize’ from the Cannes Filmfestival 2011, Take Shelter excites audiences with bone-chilling hallucinations and raw emotion as the La Forche desperately waits for this storm to pass.