Biological clock: Find out more about holistic health


Our regular fitness contributors at Aspria explain a little bit more about how to deal with your ticking biological clock.

Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante is launching AspriaPro, with the aim of offering its members personalized holistic health programmes which put your safety at the forefront. In addition to a full renovation of its fitness facilities, the goal of this project is to offer you the very best to allow you to take care of your health.

The further we advance through life, the more we might be tempted to ‘cheat’ a little when someone asks our age. Yet the number of candles on our birthday cake reminds us every year to face the facts: our chronological age is moving inexorably upwards. Who hasn’t dreamed of reversing that biological clock process? Of losing a few years rather than gaining them?

Let’s leave the realm of dreams. Because there is an age which we can control, one which results from our physiological development, namely our biological age. If some elements which influence it which must be taken as given – genes, metabolism and the environment in which we live – others can absolutely be improved by our behaviour.

In practice, it’s possible for us to adopt a healthier way of life because we are stakeholders in our own health and wellbeing. How? By getting rid of bad habits such as smoking and alcohol, choosing a balanced diet, reducing stress levels and taking part in regular physical activity. Aspria has taken up the challenge with AspriaPro.

Seeing the expert

It all starts with a meeting with an AspriaPro expert who carries out an assessment during a discussion about your current way of life, your state of health and your background, complemented by a series of tests which go way beyond the traditional calculation of body mass index (BMI). Measurements are taken on your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, VO2 max, BMI, muscle and fat mass levels, posture, resilience to stress and oxidative stress.

ASPRIA FITNESS CENTRES BIOLOGICAL CLOCK GYMThe results of these tests, combined with an analysis of your lifestyle habits, allow us to determine your biological age and to create a programme which is adapted to it and to your personal goals, in a way that is safe, evolving and varied. The palette of activities and services offered include fitness, swimming, sauna, group classes, massages, sports and diet coaching.

So having the age of your arteries isn’t necessarily your destiny! In Germany, where AspriaPro has already been available for several years, more than half of members have reduced their biological clock age by three years or more. At Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante, the planned fitness facilities will combine perfectly with AspriaPro to give members the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves biologically in the near future. And their families will also benefit from your return to youth.

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