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Five fitness trends for 2023

Aspria experts share the top trends for the year ahead. It’s that time of year when we think about our new year’s resolutions and eye...

School holidays: Keep your kids healthy on holiday

During the sweltering school holidays myAspria’s Laura Kretzschmar speaks to paediatric expert Dr. Martin Karsten. You’re taking your children overseas on holiday. What essentials should...

Festive Fitness: Discover the best tips for a healthy holiday

In our latest festive fitness article fitness and nutrition experts at Aspria share their fitness and healthy advice. For many of us, the holiday season...

Brussels fitness: Discover a one-hour fitness challenge

Brussels fitness experts Aspria say even 60 minutes of physical activity offers many benefits. Reaching your ideal weight or body shape may take time, but...

Belgian entrepreneurs: Fashion and fitness in Belgium

We look at four more talented Belgian entrepreneurs. Tony Delcampe: La Cambre Tony Delcampe, Professeur and Head of Fashion Department La Cambre Mode since 1999. He...

Health & Fitness: The Truth About Detox Diets

Health & Fitness: Sophie Bruno looks at the truth about detox diets. (For many of us the Covid-19 pandemic confinement has allowed to make more...

Brussels fitness: Why everyone should try boxing

Aspria, experts in Brussels fitness, explain how this sport allows you to combine cardio and all-round muscle strengthening with a focus on core muscles...

Home fitness: Europe’s favourite home workouts in 2020

Home fitness: Discover Europe's choices when it comes to staying fit With gyms constantly closing and reopening, much of the world has turned to at-home...

Health & Fitness: Workout At Home

Health & Fitness: Private Coach Manzul Akhmedov offers excellent advice on keeping fit without leaving home. I present six exercises that will allow you to...

Health & Fitness: Quickstart Meditation Guide

Health & Fitness: Aspria’s Maria Luisa Fissasegola shares her expertise with a quickstart guide to meditation. The words ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ are cropping up with...
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