Global Woman Summit London 2019

Global Woman

Global Woman Club, the fastest growing global networking community for women in business, is holding their fourth annual Global Woman Summit 2019 at the Hilton London Tower Bridge hotel in the UK on 13th and 14th July.  Launched in London in 2016. it has since been held in Tirana Albania, and last year in New York City, with the legendary Les Brown as the keynote speaker and graced with the presence, also on stage, of the late, great Barbara Marx Hubbard, the conscious visionary.

The highlight for this year will be the world-renowned keynote speaker, Kim Kiyosaki, who is making the trip from the USA, along with her “Rich Women”, especially for this event and to deliver her Mastermind Class in collaboration with Global Woman at the same venue, on 15th and 16th July.       

It will be a unique event, with a line-up of outstanding speakers blazing a trail of transformation, empowerment and leadership development, who will be part of an amazing two-day experience of enlightenment, education, and entertainment, networking with a global audience of successful achievers.

There will be thought provoking talks, enlightenment, new knowledge, inspiration, and networking, which aims to empower women financially and for “Conscious Leadership”.  We see it as a collaboration where together, we will be empowered to grow momentum for gaining equality of opportunity without limits, and building on our networks for future productive collaborations.

Global Woman
There are three primary connected themes for the Global Woman Summit. “Conscious Leadership” will explore the core self and awakening the potential, developing the senses and awareness in a person to work for their vision and goals in their personal and professional, and the principles of “planetary consciousness” and “connectedness”.    

“Financial” will be focused on how to achieve financial independence, by generating income that will pay for the lifestyle desires and to give something back in this world for the greater good. It is about using the business to change lives for the better and to profit with a purpose through a sustainable business model, navigating through the challenges and avoiding the pitfalls.

“Wellbeing” will be about how to keep a healthy mind as well as healthy body preventing stress and how to use more of our mental product to achieve more. It will also look at understanding the science of how our well-being impacts on our personal, “Conscious Leadership” and professional life.

 Global Woman Awards 2019

On 13th July there will be a Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony with 9 awards for women and a Global Man award for those who have been doing great things and making a difference to people’s lives. These are truly global, representing may countries and will include awards for Inspirational, entrepreneur, corporate, influencer, and celebrity.  The winners will be decided through an online public vote until 30th June and a judging panel, with the announcements and trophy presentations at the Gala Dinner.        

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