Brussels dining: Chez Léon has a new look kitchen


Chez Léon has been a fixture on the Brussels dining scene for many decades. But they never rest on their laurels – they are in constant evolution. In order to please its loyal and demanding clientele, the restaurant has completely renovated its kitchen in the form of black and white checkerboard, a tribute to the great chef Robuchon. The folks at Chez Léon have a (Belgian) sense of humour.

A new setting for a new chef, Olivier, who will work in these sparkling new surroundings. Its his task to produce the wonderful local meals that have become synonymous with the place – mussels in many varieties, the colourful fish platter, Coucou de Malines, frogs’ legs, Waterzooi, lobster, goat’s cheese and fried bacon, pasta and soups… just to name a few delicacies from a large and varied menu. Two staples of Belgian gastronomy are very much in evidence: the excellent frites (of course that’s how they started out back in the day) and their very own Belgian beer.

This institution has been about family since its inception – so, naturally, children still eat for free!