Good food: Rouge Tomate offers a unique experience in interior design and balanced cuisine


Applying the principles of the nutritional charter SPE®, which, for the uninitiated stands for Sanitas Per Escam (Latin for ‘Health Through Food’), as well as Sourcing, Preparing, Enhancing, the restaurants aim to offer balanced cuisine, encourage well-being, and demonstrate their social and environmental awareness.

So, that’s a lot of pressure on two chefs in what is perhaps Brussels’ busiest restaurant – how do Alex Joseph and Michel Borsy cope? Read on…

Together: So, guys, tell our readers a little more about SPE?

AJ & MB: Well, the inspiration behind the cuisine was really nothing more complicated than the idea that food should look good, taste good, and do you good – and always using locally sourced, seasonal products ensures that we keep our commitment to both the local environment and the economy. Aside from that, as chefs, it’s a wonderful daily challenge to set out always to Source, Prepare and Enhance, and it’s what keeps us loving what we do.

It must place considerable pressure on you as chefs, though, having always to use nothing but fresh ingredients?

It’s simply a question of training yourself into different cooking and organizational habits – preparation is obviously key, which is one of the reasons we tend to be very busy every morning. However, the satisfaction we get from keeping our clients happy more than makes up for the stress!

And what about the emphasis that’s increasingly placed on value for money in these cash-strapped times? Do you feel that Rouge Tomate’s prices are justified?

Absolutely – without wishing to sound too boastful, we would defy anyone to find a better, healthier dining experience than we offer here. Our clients, who tend to become life-long converts once they’ve tried us once, know that the experience they can enjoy in our surroundings is more than worth the little extra that they pay.

And long may it continue – don’t miss your chance to dine in true style on the terrace, while the lovely weather holds. Bon appetit!