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A spooky Halloween supper

Halloween isn’t your typical celebration. And, as Aoife Mullen finds out, Halloween food isn’t exactly ‘normal’ either. Fact: we owe Halloween to Ireland. This is...

Belgian shrimp fishermen recognized by UNESCO

It’s quite a sight to see: hordes of curious visitors and locals heading for the sea (some struggling in the sand with kids in...

Become a saké sommelier

It’s back to work and, like many others, you might be reconsidering what you are doing with your life and, especially, your job. Is...

Ice-cream parlours in Brussels

Prego!With decor by interior designer Antoine Pinto and a straightforward food menu, newcomer Prego! has made quite a splash on Place Jourdan. But it’s...

Discovering Argentinian Wine

Despite dreaming of taking on the Iron Man triathlon challenge, Gonzalo Carrasco was destined to be a winemaker, surrounded as he was by the...

Best Bordeaux claret is produced by a Belgian

Belgium’s Jacques Thienpont took over the Le Pin vineyard in Bordeaux in 1979 and succeeded in putting the wine on the international mapLe Pin...

Good food: Rouge Tomate offers a unique experience in interior design...

Applying the principles of the nutritional charter SPE®, which, for the uninitiated stands for Sanitas Per Escam (Latin for 'Health Through Food'), as...

Three Michelin stars for Bruges restaurant

The Hertog Jan was awarded its first Michelin star in 2005 and the second in 2009. Just two years later, the Bruges restaurant has joined the...
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