Haircare Beauty: Limited Edition Alline procap in pink


In our latest haircare beauty article we announce that Alline procap is changing its look for the end of the year by opting for pink packaging!

Supporter of Pink Ribbon, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories supports the fight against breast cancer. Intensive medical treatment during and after breast cancer is often synonymous with hair loss and inevitably degrades a woman’s image. Since keeping beautiful hair is an essential aesthetic criterion in the eyes of all women, Trenker can therefore support them thanks to its food supplement Alline procap, which combines pure keratin with a complex of 11 vitamins and 3 minerals. Thanks to its ultra-complete composition, Alline procap contributes to the maintenance of healthy, voluminous and shiny hair. This unique, complete and patented solution provides all the nutrients essential for hair growth¹.

Find your Alline procap box in pink from September to December 2021 in pharmacies, drugstores and online pharmacies. Please note, this edition is limited.

Also, discover Alline proMEN, an anti-hair loss² food supplement specially designed for men. Hair loss in men is usually caused by a poor diet, stress or other external factors. This hair loss can be slowed down by taking Alline proMEN.

How does Alline proMEN work?
Its composition is ultra complete: it contains Kéramax® keratin, an extract of Venus hair, as well as a combination of 11 vitamins and 2 minerals. Thanks to its formula, Alline proMEN enhances the hair by boosting the hair follicles so that they remain in a phase of inactivity for a shorter period and they can regenerate more quickly. Its effectiveness is clinically proven: 100% of men have less hair loss and 92% of men have more resistant hair³.

¹Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and participates in the synthesis of proteins (such as keratin).
²Venus hair helps to slow hair loss.
³Nobile V. et al. (2021).

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