Health & Fitness: Choosing Your Massage


2. Need to ’empty your head’: If you are going through a complicated period and you have relationship problems or professional issues; if you are experiencing burn out or need to find meaning in everyday life; you are in a period of transition of life or simply you have too much of everything on your plate right now, in this case we recommend the energy treatment (also called ‘Bars’ because it stimulates some energy bars on the head). This treatment works essentially on the meridians of Chinese medicine that are on the skull. With some points enabled, it will allow you to restore the hard disk, clean up the storage space of your brain, allow swifter opening of files and more space for creativity. Our energetic body really plays the role of protector of the physical body. Therefore, any weakening of this energetic body causes, at a certain time, a vulnerability of the physical body: the fatigue settles durably and the disease can take over.

The energy treatment balances the energy system of the human being by harmonizing the operation of its energetic motors and eliminating blockages of its channels (vessels, meridians and nadis).

3. Need to reconnect with your body, vitality, find joy: In this case, we recommend the massage of 5 elements. It is a more sensual and playful massage. We arouse all the sensations of the body: the rhythm, the different touches, the hot, the cold. It combines softness, depth and lightness. It awakens all senses.

In general, we are attracted to the right treatment and the right person at the right time. Trust your intuition, your instinct. Let yourself be guided by your gut. If it’s an unpleasant experience, you’ll come out with a life lesson, vital information that was meant for you, helping you grow. If the experience was nice, it was meant to be, so, enjoy the after moments of a massage even hours and days later and step into serenity and deep relaxation.

Bon voyage!