Health & Fitness: Choosing Your Massage


Health & Fitness: Sarbani Sen marks your card on massage options.

Did you know that massage not only has benefits for the body but also psychological benefits? Touch is a precious sense that connects us directly with intimacy. A lot of information goes through the touch of the patient’s skin: its warmth, its texture, but also its vibration. The patient also receives information by the touch of the therapist, which can provide an immediate peace or something that takes some time to tune in. The touch can be soft, enveloping and soothing or deep, sustained and almost painful, depending on the approach chosen.

By acting on the body, massage has positive effects on the mind, attention, awareness and decision-making. It brings the patient to a new energy level, giving him total wellbeing, relaxing his muscles but also his mind, dramatically improving humour, helping fight stress, anxiety and depression. When we get touched, the body produces some joy hormones that are irreplaceable for deep sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. However, you must know how to choose the type of massage in harmony with the needs of the body at a given moment. There are different types of massages adapted to different needs:

1. Need to relax muscularly: After a long day of multiple professional or personal tensions, after an intensive sports training, or travel by plane or train, the body naturally aches. In this case, we recommend a traditional Indian massage with hot oil. It will give your muscle relief and an immediate benefit in terms of psychic relaxation, deep relaxation. It can be administered with an essential oil appropriate to your needs. Deep muscle relaxation with the warmth of the oil, at body temperature, will bring your senses to heaven and let you relax and unwind fully.