Personal Development: The Being and the Universe


In chapter one of his series of reflections, Axel Trinh Cong, medium and therapist, studies a subtler dimension of life.

Since its launch in 2007, Together Magazine has aimed to inspire its readers by offering them an opening on the world, or rather on worlds. While our environment is indeed made up of tangible elements and material success, it also includes a subtler dimension, sensitive, evasive and indefinable, which touches on personal development and even spirituality.

Taking one’s place in this world requires the ability to dare to consider spirituality in its entirety: matter and non-matter, life and death, light and darkness, here and elsewhere. What is denounced here and elsewhere as obscurantism is only the symptom of the paralysis of the materialistic brain of the person who makes this denunciation.

The heart feeds and inspires the brain, while the brain gives the heart a reason to beat. One cannot function permanently without the other. And the Together team has understood this – let us congratulate them and thank them.

So, the scene is set, and, since this is between me and you, I bet that the formula ‘there is such thing as luck’ fits this magazine very well. It is probably by chance that the magazine asked me for this contribution consisting of eight articles. And it’s probably not by chance that today, one way or another, you are reading these lines.

Each being is composed of an energy of its own. In everyday language we define her by physical traits: she’s tall, she’s a redhead, or characteristics such as she is funny, he is open-minded. Sometimes we borrow more pictorial formulations – such as ‘she has such energy’ or ‘I don’t feel it, there is darkness in him’ – appeal more to our sensitivity than to our mind, the latter only serving to formulate a feeling.

The energy that characterizes each being is made of fullness but also emptiness. There are places where we feel our strength, our power, just as there are in the depths of ourselves those other areas which are dead, suffering, wounded or deserted. And it is precisely this state of being, this energetic profile – more important and more powerful than any other
aspect in our efforts to govern our life – that determines the encounter with such and such a person or the reactions to different situations.

What we are living, therefore, depends on our inner state and not on this thing called chance, a very convenient and very practical concept invoked by those who choose to suffer in life or deny their involvement in what is happening to them. Blame it on someone else or ‘I have no luck’: it’s all too easy.

From then on, when Life interferes and makes sure that we are always meeting the same type of idiot, incompetent boss or bad guy in whom we can place no trust, invariably we fail in some domain or other and that fear reappears relentlessly – it’s a call to return to oneself, to that inner self and find the disfunction or the hurt.