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Health & Fitness: Private Coach Manzul Akhmedov offers excellent advice on keeping fit without leaving home.

I present six exercises that will allow you to work your abs, the lower ones, the obliques, the core – in short, everything! The only things you will need are a mat and your motivation! The session lasts about 30 minutes. Important note: remember that it is important to warm up before training to avoid injuries. Have a good workout!

1. Bicycle
The first exercise is the bicycle. Lie down on the ground and put your hands behind your neck with your elbows pointing to the sides. From this position join your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa. Keep your shoulders constantly elevated from the ground. Repetitions: 30x / Sets: 3x

2. In n out
The second exercise is the in n out. And we are not talking about the IN-N-OUT- BURGER. Sit on the floor, put your hands at the same level as your pelvis, lift your legs up and keep them straight. From this position bend your knees and bring them back towards your chest. This exercise works the abdominals very well! If you have lower back pain, do the same exercise with your hands under your glutes (the gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks). Repetitions: 20x / Sets: 3x

3. Lying Knee Raises
This exercise works the lower abdominals very well! Lie down on the floor, put your hands along your body, raise your shoulders and bend your knees at 90°. Now just push the floor with your hands and lift your glutes off the floor by bringing your knees back to face level. Don’t break your nose… Repetitions: 15x / Sets: 3x

4. Russian Twist
Sit on your glutes, raise your legs by bending them a little and imagine that you are holding an invisible ball between your hands. Without putting your feet on the ground, rotate your trunks to the left and right, trying not to move your legs. If this exercise is really difficult, you can put your feet on the ground. Repetitions: 30x / Sets: 3x

5. Side Plank
We’re going to work the obliques by making a side plank. Place yourself on one elbow, keeping your back straight, and raise your pelvis, keeping your feet on the ground. The shoulder must be in the same axis as the elbow. From this position you can lift your upper leg up high to increase the difficulty. Do the same with the other side. Repetitions: 45sec / Sets: 3x

6. Spider Elbow Plank
And we finish with the last one, which will also allow you to work on your obliques and also your core. Position yourself in a normal elbow plank on your forearms. Keep the shoulders in the same axis as the elbows, the back straight, not hollowed out, and finally stand on your tiptoes. From this position bring your right knee to your right elbow and the same on the other side. Try not to move your body too much. Keep as still as possible. Repetitions: 20x / Sets: 3x

Elbow Plank 2

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