Healthy living: Discover how to drink more water with waterdrop

HEALTHY LIVING Waterdrop Flair Microdrink
Waterdrop Flair Microdrink

In our latest Healthy Living article Liz Newmark explores the fascinating world of waterdrop drinks, bottles and filter caps.

Drinking more water is good for you. Staying hydrated is essential. Doctors recommend a 1.5 to 2-litre water dose per day to maximise health, physical performance, energy levels and even to prevent hangovers. However, sometimes people do not want to just turn on the tap or buy expensive, un-environmentally friendly plastic bottled water. This is where waterdrop can help.

Founded in 2017 in Austria and entering the US market in 2021, waterdrop is changing the drinks industry with the world’s first ‘microdrink’ – a tiny cube made from natural fruit and plant extracts enriched with vitamins. Simple to use, you just dissolve it in water, and the result is a delicious drink.
“Our aim is to encourage you to drink more water so you can live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life,” says waterdrop founder and CEO, Martin Murray.

Indeed, sustainability is another key goal. The 98% saving in plastic compared to traditional bottled drinks is achieved through the individual recyclable packaging of each cube. The plastic contained in a single cap in a traditional bottle is equivalent to ten microdrinks, the brand claims.

Shirley Regnault, waterdrop’s Global PR and Communication Manager also emphasises the company’s raison d’être, saying in a 21 April press presentation that it is important to improve a situation where 70% of the population in France for example does not even drink 1.5 litres of water a day.

She tells Together that there is no single client type. The drinks are aimed at all budgets for “Monsieur tout le monde,” although she says in practice that 25-45 year olds with an active lifestyle are the company’s the biggest market.

Any potential sceptics will be won over by the sheer variety of the drinks, the very reasonable price (a pack of 12 drops is only €6.95) and that you can use them anywhere. The 12 cold water drinks include Flair, Relax, Zen, Sky and Vibe, featuring a range of fruit extracts such as starfruit, passionfruit and herbs including mint, lemongrass and rosemary. There are also two ‘natural’ caffeine versions Shiro (natural extracts of cherry blossom, mallow and ginseng) and Nero (guarana and blackberry kola nuts).

You can even try hot drinks like Microtea – dissolvable at just 60 degrees. Wait two or three minutes without the need to stir, shake or take out a soggy teabag. Microtea is available in six flavours: Oriental Spice, Mellow Mint, White Blossom, Fruit Fusion, and the latest options – Golden Assam and Green Oasis.


Not content with the drink, waterdrop also offers a beautiful range of water-focused accessories. These range from pretty flower-decorated glass bottles in special neoprene cases to sleek, lightweight stainless steel classic 600ml gourds. Especially popular are the 800ml lightweight stainless steel (340g) sports bottles with their innovative easy-to-drink sports cap. Microteas are complemented by 400ml, 600ml and 1l tumblers that keep the tea hot for six hours, marble teacups and a backpack.

In addition, the ‘clean, track and remind’ special ‘Lucy’ connected cap will filter your water on the go and enable you to drink clean water directly. Its UV-C filtration system cleans your water with a powerful UVC sensor; tracks your daily hydration rate with the waterdrop® Hydration App; and even reminds you to drink – sending light signals as drinking reminder to help you reach your daily hydration target.

The brand also has star presence – with a collaboration with top model Adriana Lima resulting in a stunning gold limited edition bottle. Launched in April, the double-walled stainless steel 600ml and 1 litre bottles will keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

“Along with a daily hydration reminder, having a bottle that you’re excited about using encourages me to use a refillable bottle and rely less on plastic ones to stay hydrated on the go,” the Brazilian model famous for Victoria Secret work says, claiming, “It’s much more sustainable for the environment and healthier for your body because it’s less exposure to the micro plastics found in most plastic water bottles.”

At the Brussels meeting, Regnault was also proud to present the brand’s latest range of children’s gourds, perfect for school. Again, it would be hard to choose from the delightful Pico Penguin, Tilly Tiger, Roxy Raccoon, Buddy Bear or Freddy Frog versions – all sporting matching backpacks.

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