Healthy skin: Discover a summer sunscreen beyond protection

HEALTHY SKIN Sun Beauty Sublime Tan
Sun Beauty Sublime Tan

In our latest Healthy skin article Together looks at the latest sun protection magic from Lancaster Beauty. 

Lancaster Beauty – a household name in sun protection products – has from the outset since its 1946 creation in glamorous Monaco and endorsement by its most famous resident Princess Grace Kelly – aimed to offer sunscreen “that goes beyond protection”. Initially focusing on skin treatments, its first sun care products were launched in 1971.

The range enables all skin types to adapt to sunlight and safely achieve “our legendary golden tan, enjoying ultra-sensorial lightweight textures and the iconic pleasurable fragrance”, the company says.

Lancaster has always proposed innovative solutions and pioneered anti-age treatment and photoprotection to make skin more beautiful, explained Olivier Doucet, Vice-President, R&D Technology & Innovation, in an interview given in April to mark the launch of the company’s new Sun Beauty and Sun Sport products.

And from the start, technologies and textures used have continued to improve, he said:
“Today, the company offers formulas that offer increased and reinforced protection, while at the same time taking to heart the need to contribute more to respect the environment and the oceans.”

All Lancaster sun protection products – in innovative formulas including invisible face gels, sun water, tan-deepening tinted jelly and fast tan optimisers – offer unique extra-wide protection, covering not only UV but also visible light (including blue light) and infrared rays, Doucet made clear.

But despite the range and strength of this protection, skin damage can still appear. “It is impossible for a sun product to guarantee 100% protection, and over-exposure to the sun is a serious health threat, so this is why it is important also to offer a system that contributes to repair,” he says, “it is in our DNA.

“The key advantage of this new sun protection range is unquestionably the introduction of repair technology combined with reinforced protection against blue light.”

HEALTHY SKIN Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimizer
Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimizer

Mr Doucet says science has shown blue light can contribute to skin ageing and the development of skin marks. “Recent work in our research laboratories shows that blue light is equally liable to change the DNA of skin cells.”

This is why one much-loved new product is the Sun Beauty Sun Protective Fluid SPF30, with its extra-strong blue light protection, Greet Punie, company representative tells Together. This is part of the new Sun Repair System treatments that help repair skin from UV-induced damage.

Enriched with natural origin Tan Activator Complex, the formulas help all skin types achieve a golden tan without having to spend so much time in the sun.

The Sun Beauty range, like all Lancaster products, are also clean and ocean friendly, the company makes clear. With the aim of cutting plastic use, they are made of recycled packaging. All items are also vegan – no animal products are used.

In the Sun Sport category, also revamped this year with new technologies and formulas, one special product is the water- and sweat-resistant Sun Sport Cooling Invisible Mist SPF30, that offers an “instant cooling effect during outdoors activities.” Easy and quick to apply, its transparent lightweight formula keeps the skin breathing even during intense sport activities.

Lancaster says the fast-drying body mist, a sister product to Sun Beauty Sun Protective Water, can even be applied on wet skin. Non-greasy, non-sticky, and invisible once applied, it provides “an immediate and lasting freshness sensation while hydrating the skin”.

Another very popular Sun Beauty product is the Golden Tan Maximiser After Sun Oil, Punie tells Together. “If you are happy with your Lancaster golden tan, what if you could prolong it for an endless summer sensation?” the company website urges.

This product is claimed to prolong your tan up to one month and to “instantly calm sun-exposed skin”. It can be used with Lancaster’s Tan Activator Complex that intensifies melanin production for a golden, even and long-lasting tan.

The After Sun Oil also contains soothing and hydrating ingredients to help the skin’s natural recovery process after sun exposure. Lancaster says it will reduce the risk of peeling and leave skin satiny-smooth.

Enriched with six natural-origin oils, the luxurious beautifying oil, “instantly melts into your skin, leaving it supple and hydrated. Its shimmering texture reveals a glowing, golden tan and scents your skin with Lancaster’s iconic fragrance.”

All the more reason to head for the beach.

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